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U.S. 95/Styner-Lauder Avenue-Conditions During Summer Periods

Traffic volume data were collected manually at the intersection over a period of three days. The data in Table 1 represent the average values for the peak 15 minute period during the afternoon peak period.

The data for the existing and projected ten-year traffic volumes are given in the tables below.  The figures show the existing intersection geometry.

Table 1. Existing traffic volumes, U.S. 95/Styner-Lauder Avenue

Approach LT (veh/hr) TH (veh/hr) RT (veh/hr)
Eastbound 50 75 80
Westbound 55 80 125
Northbound 31 357 50
Southbound 59 392 165

The heavy vehicle distribution in the U.S. 95 traffic stream is 25 percent.

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