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City residents have asserted that increasing traffic volumes at the intersection of Styner Avenue, Lauder Avenue, and U.S. 95 are increasing delays for and reducing the safety of motorists traveling through the intersection. Traffic on Styner and Lauder, the minor streets of this two-way stop-controlled intersection, is controlled by stop signs. Limited sight distance for drivers on Styner and Lauder contributes to the safety problem. As a result of these citizen complaints, the city has requested that the Idaho Transportation Department signalize the intersection.

Consider the situation described above and review the sketches and aerial photographs showing the street system. What issues do you think should be considered by the state's traffic engineer in resolving this problem? After you have listed these issues, continue to the next page to learn how we can apply the methods of the Highway Capacity Manual to address these issues and provide assistance to decision makers from the state and the city on whether or not this intersection should be signalized.

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