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ID# C101C01

Sub-problem 1c: Analysis of Future Conditions

Step 1. Setup

In addition to assessing the performance of the intersection with existing traffic conditions as we did in sub-problems 1a and 1b, we also need to look to the future to determine what conditions will be like at some future time. Any significant transportation investment, such as the installation of a new traffic signal, must be considered over time, not just with the existing conditions. For that reason, we will now analyze the performance of the intersection of U.S. 95/Styner-Lauder, under both control conditions, using future traffic volumes.

Here are some issues to consider as you proceed with the analysis of both TWSC and signal control, assuming future traffic volumes.


What is the appropriate future year for this analysis?


Which default values should be used for this future analysis?

bulletWhat other factors should be considered?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions. Click on continue when you are ready to proceed.

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