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ID# C102C01

Sub-problem 2c: Analysis of the U.S. 95 Arterial

Step 1. Setup

We now turn to a view of the U.S. 95 arterial, of which the Styner-Lauder Avenue intersection is one part. You can review the physical layout of the intersection in Exhibit 1-6. On the northern end is the intersection of U.S. 95 and State Highway 8.

The Sweet Avenue intersection is located 560 feet to the south of the State Highway 8 intersection. It handles about 1,600 vehicles during a typical afternoon peak hour.

Styner-Lauder Avenue is located 1,070 feet south of Sweet Avenue, while the Palouse River Drive intersection is located 2,410 feet further south. The average speed on U.S. 95 is 35 miles per hour.

How do we determine the operational performance of an urban street or arterial? Which tools should be used for the analysis of an urban street? What data are required for the analysis? Take a few minutes to consider these questions. When you are ready, proceed to the next page.

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