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ID# C103A01

Sub-problem 3a: Oversaturated Intersection Analysis

Step 1. Setup

The University of Idaho has periodic special events that attract large crowds to sporting arenas and performing arts venues. During these time periods, demand often exceeds capacity along the U.S. 95 corridor. What tools are needed to assess the operation of the U.S. 95 corridor in general and the intersection of U.S. 95/Styner-Lauder Avenue in particular? And, what analytical issues must be faced when demand exceeds capacity at a traffic facility?

In sub-problem 3a, we will consider the conditions that occur when traffic is leaving a football game at the University of Idaho. Demand is high for about an hour after the conclusion of the game, and the U.S. 95 corridor experiences a high level of congestion during this period.

Consider these questions:


What is the difference between volume and demand, and why is it important to distinguish these two terms?


Can the intersection operate at level of service F even when demand is less than capacity?


What is the appropriate value of the duration of analysis parameter when demand exceeds capacity?

bulletWhen should multiple time periods be considered in a capacity and level of service analysis?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions.  When you are ready, continue to the next page.

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