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ID# C104B01

Sub-problem 4b: Effect of Unit Extension

In this exercise, we will consider the effect of the unit extension variable on the overall operating characteristics of an intersection controlled in an actuated mode.

Consider again the Styner-Lauder/U.S. 95 intersection that is at the center of this case study. If you were going to evaluate the operational effects of an actuated signal controller at this intersection, it would be very important to select an appropriate unit extension for the purposes of the analysis.

This sub-problem will help you address the following issues, each of which is important to understand as you settle upon an appropriate value for the unit extension variable:


What effect does a longer unit extension have on an approach?


Would a longer unit extension increase or decrease overall delay on the minor street movement? The major street movement?


Would a longer unit extension increase or decrease the overall intersection delay?

bulletHow would the arrival type affect your decision to implement a relatively long unit extension?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions.  When you are ready to continue, click continue below to proceed.

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