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ID# C104C01

Sub-problem 4c: Coordinated Operation With Actuated Control

The Styner-Lauder/U.S. 95 intersection is located within a section of U.S. 95 that has the potential to be operated as a coordinated system of signalized intersections. If the decision is made to signalized the Styner-Lauder/U.S. 95 intersection, it will need to be designed and operated in a way that supports and enhances any coordinated signal system that may ultimately be implemented.

The matter of arterial signal system coordination is complicated somewhat when one or more of the system signals operates under actuated control. This sub-problem will introduce you to the key issues to consider to appropriately evaluate the effects that actuated control of the Styner-Lauder/U.S. 95 intersection will have on the overall arterial signal system. Specifically, the following are key considerations that would need to be taken into account:


How will pedestrian crossing times impact the minor street movement phase?

bulletHow would an actuated signal be coordinated as part of a network? 

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