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ID# C105002

Problem 5: U.S. 95 south of Moscow

Problem Definition
The state highway agency would like to evaluate the performance characteristics of U.S. 95 within the 10-mile stretch of the highway from Moscow south. Currently, this section of highway operates at a uniform posted speed of 55 mph (even through the hamlet) and has other characteristics that suggest it should be classified as a Class I facility. The analysis methodology described in Chapter 20 of the HCM is therefore applicable to these existing conditions.

The analysis of future conditions is not so clear-cut: it is anticipated that the speed limit within the 1-mile segment that defines the hamlet may be reduced to 35 mph as the hamlet grows and becomes a significant traffic generator. When this happens, the Chapter 20 methodology of the HCM will no longer be applicable to the evaluation of overall facility performance characteristics. Neither are there any other standard and readily-applied planning-level methods that can be used to estimate the performance characteristics of the 10-mile section of U.S. 95 in this situation.

Notwithstanding the absence of a standard planning-level analysis procedure, practical considerations require that the state highway agency have and employ a defensible procedure for evaluating the performance of this highway section under both existing and future conditions, allowing it to make plans and establish capital improvement programs that reasonably rely on the results of the evaluation process.

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