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ID# C105B01

Sub-problem 5b: Future Analysis of 10-Mile Segment of U.S. 95 With Direct Recognition of the Hamlet

In sub-problem 5b, we will consider future conditions on U.S. 95 and how the changing characteristics of the section of two-lane highway that passes through the hamlet require a different approach in our analysis.

Consider the following questions as you prepare to undertake an analysis and evaluation of future conditions along this 10-mile segment of U.S. 95:


What can be done to assess the future performance characteristics of the one-mile section of U.S. 95 that passes through the hamlet?

bulletHow can the estimated performance characteristics of the section of U.S. 95 that is within the hamlet be incorporated into an overall assessment of the 10-mile segment?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions. When you are ready, click continue below to proceed.

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