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ID# C2AN001

Problem 1: Maxwell Drive

Analysis Plans
This intersection is where the traffic volumes will change the most. So it makes sense to start our analysis here. The intersection’s geometry will have to change substantially. A new northbound approach has to be added, the southbound lane configuration has to be altered, and provision has to be made for westbound left turns.

We’re not going to present all of the analyses that are required to see how the intersection should be reconfigured. Rather, we’re going to illustrate important ideas related to the use of the HCM that can be based on the existing conditions in the PM peak (PM Existing) and the conditions that will exist in the PM peak once the southerly site has been developed (PM With).

In the case of the PM Existing condition, we’re going to look at: arrival patterns, heavy vehicles, and differences in LOS stemming from the use of data from different sources. We’re also going to look at the issue of skipped phases.

In the case of the PM With condition, we’re going to look at changes in LOS due to the addition of the site-related traffic, the relationship between geometric improvements and LOS, differences between planning and operational analyses, and the role of uncertainty in affecting the results obtained.

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