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Problem 4: Clifton Country Road

Base Case Phasing and Volumes

The signal control is fully-actuated. Exhibit 2-38 shows the phasing. Phases 1-3 are for the east-west flows. The first phase is often skipped because the eastbound left turning volumes are small. Phases 4-5 are for the north-south movements except that Phase 4 has a protected green for the eastbound right.

Exhibit 2-38. Clifton Country Road Signal Phasing


Exhibit 2-39. Clifton Country Road Intersection Volumes for Existing AM & PM Peak Hours

The intersecting volumes are generally high. Exhibit 2-39 shows the AM and PM peak hour flows for the base case. No standing queues exist at the end of the peak hour. The largest volumes are on the eastbound and westbound approaches. The westbound through volume is generally the largest, as I-87 generates a lot of traffic. The eastbound through is also quite large due to traffic going toward I-87. The volumes on the north and southbound approaches are relatively small in the AM peak hour and much larger in the PM peak hour. This is because of the shopping center-related traffic.

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