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ID# C2040D1

Problem 4: Clifton Country Road

This problem has explored a number of capacity modeling issues in the context of the Clifton Country Road intersection. Consistent with Exhibit 2-3, we examined time periods, the relationships among HCM methodologies, times to use other tools, interpretation of results, etc. As we found with the Moe Road analysis, lane utilization will again be important. We looked at that in the context of the AM Existing conditions. In addition, we examined lane groups and lost times. In the case of the PM Existing conditions, we explored issues of queue spillback, feasibility of identified solutions, demand versus volume, and right turns on red. In the PM With condition, we focused on feedback (in terms of design), the impacts of various assumptions about the future conditions, and the tie between geometric changes and intersection performance.  Only changes to the signal operation and lane utilization were explored.  No geometric changes explored.

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