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ID# C205A04

Sub-problem 5a: I-87 Interchange - Merges and Diverges on the Freeway

Southbound On-Ramp
Exhibit 2-56 shows the performance of the southbound on-ramp. The density is 26.9 pcplpm in the AM Existing condition and 27.5 pcplpm in the AM Without/With condition. Thereís no difference in the volumes. The LOS is C in both cases. The adjacent ramp is the upstream southbound-to-eastbound off-ramp. You can click here to see the two datasets.

So far, we have studied single lane ramps with single lane upstream or downstream on- or off-ramps. The northbound off-ramp is a bit more complex. It has a two-lane ramp, so you have to provide a bit more input. Itís also useful to see if the two lanes are necessary.

Exhibit 2-56. I-87 Interchange Southbound On-Ramp
Case Density Speed LOS
AM Existing 26.9 56.2 C
AM Without/With 27.5 56.0 C

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