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ID# C205A07

Sub-problem 5a: I-87 Interchange - Merges and Diverges on the Freeway

Westbound-to-Northbound On-Ramp
Exhibit 2-59 shows the performance of the westbound-to-northbound on-ramp during the PM Peak. The density in the influence area ranges from 19.5 to 20.8 pcpmpl and the speed is between 57.4 and 57.6 mph. The LOS is borderline B/C. A change in letter grade (from B to C) may infer a dramatic change, but the delays change very little. You can click here to see the datasets.

The conclusion we draw from these analyses is that none of the ramps is problematic, at least as far as the freeway merge and diverge points are concerned. Well see later that there are problems elsewhere.

Exhibit 2-59. I-87 Interchange Westbound-to-Northbound On- Ramp
Case Density Speed LOS
PM Existing 19.5 57.6 B
PM Without 20.2 57.5 C
PM With 20.8 57.4 C

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