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Getting Started

What are the goals, objectives, and scope?
We have learned from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) staff that the goal of this project is to assess the current operation of Krome Avenue and to evaluate potential mitigation measures that could overcome the identified deficiencies. For the purposes of the HCMAG, we'll also use this case study to demonstrate the manner in which various procedures from the HCM should be selected and applied.

In order to meet the project goals set forth by FDOT staff, we'll need to address the following specific project objectives:


Establish the framework of the analysis;


Identify the most appropriate tools for carrying out the analysis;


Apply the tools to identify deficiencies in the current operation; and


Evaluate potential mitigation measures.

The scope of the study precludes major construction projects such as conversion of Krome Avenue from a two-lane facility to a multilane facility. Because of the simplicity inherent in rural settings, we will not go into great depth in the analysis of the intersection operations, except when a useful illustrative purpose exists. Other case studies in this Guide deal with more complex intersections in more urbanized settings.

Population growth in Florida is a complex issue that will be simplified for this study by assuming fixed annual growth rates for traffic volume projections.

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