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Getting Started

Who are the stakeholders and what are their issues?
The agencies and individuals who have an interest in this project include FDOT, the local communities through which Krome Avenue passes, the residents who abut or live near to the highway, and the commuters and others who use the facility on a regular basis. Although the facility users are a difficult group to speak to (they are hard to identify and they don't normally come to public hearings in their capacity as a road user), they are nevertheless represent a viewpoint that is equally as important as that of the other stakeholders.

The stakeholders are united around the goal of creating a safe and operationally efficient environment, but they have different ideas about how this might be accomplished. Some think the answer to current operational and safety problems is to modernize the roadway by adding new through lanes and exclusive turn lanes, while others think that such actions would raise speeds, increase volume, and create new problems at the interface points between the  urban and rural environments. Even with these preconceptions, all stakeholders recognize that it is too early in the process to be definitive about a preferred course of action, and they see this study as a necessary precursor to the development of alternative solutions, where facts are gathered and objective analyses are performed so that all future solution concepts can be judged against a common reference point.

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