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Sub-problem 1c: Special Considerations for the Analysis

Step 2. Results

A detailed look at the three facilities defined on Krome Avenue has revealed very few abnormal conditions that would require special treatment. Those conditions that were identified as unusual include:


Excessive queuing on the northbound approach to Okeechobee during the PM peak, as shown in the Exhibit 3-12. This intersection is the northern termination of the facility defined by the north section of two-lane highway. Any result from the HCM that suggested that this facility operated satisfactorily as a two-lane highway would be misleading because of the congestion on this approach.


A short (approximately mile) piece of four-lane divided roadway on Krome Avenue immediately south of Okeechobee, as shown in Exhibit 3-11. This portion is now a part of the north section, which will be analyzed as a two-lane roadway. Some modifications should be made to the procedure to accommodate this condition.


Geometric improvements at three locations to eliminate congestion during the peak period. The first is at Okeechobee Road, as indicated above. The other two intersections are at Kendall and at Biscayne.

There are no conditions present that would suggest the need to use traffic models that are more complex than the HCM. For the unsignalized intersection at Okeechobee Road, the only such models that could be applied to this case study are those that estimate delays at a roundabout. We will examine the alternative of using a roundabout at Okeechobee Road in connection with Problem 4. The treatment of roundabouts as unsignalized intersections is limited (in the HCM 2000) to the estimation of capacity for single lane roundabouts. The investigation of a roundabout at that location will stay within the scope of the HCM.

Figure 7. Four-lane section at Okeechobee Road Figure 8. Northbound congestion at Okeechobee Road
Exhibit 3-11. Four-lane section at Okeechobee Road Exhibit 3-12. Northbound congestion at Okeechobee Road

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