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ID# C304A05

Sub-problem 4b: Two-way Stop Controlled Analysis

Step 1. Setup

Exhibit 3-28. Conventional Intersection Conflicts

The unusual geometrics, especially the physical distance separating the conflicting movements at the Krome Avenue/Okeechobee Road intersection, will require some thought about how to represent the intersection for analysis by the HCM procedures. The conventional intersection conflict points are shown in Exhibit 3-28. Because of the wide separation of conflicts at this intersection, it should occur to us that we probably shouldn’t treat this situation as a typical urban intersection.

In this sub-problem, we will carry out a conventional intersection analysis. Then we will examine the results to determine if our treatment was appropriate.



What movements are considered in the HCM procedures?

bulletWhat is the basis for determining LOS in the unsignalized intersections methodology?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions. Click continue when you are ready to proceed.

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