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ID# C403D01

Sub-problem 3d: Collector/Distributor Road

Step 1. Setup

This sub-problem deals with the short, single-lane collector/distributor road that connects to two ramps: the I-787 southbound to Route 7 eastbound loop ramp at its end and the Route 7 eastbound to I-787 northbound loop ramp at its beginning. With the exception of the AM peak hour, the volumes on these facilities are not large. So the focus of this sub-problem is not on the high volumes or congested conditions but on the complexities of performing the analysis. The collector-distributor doesn’t fit any standard facility type, yet it needs to be analyzed. We can use it to give you some ideas about how such facilities can be studied.

Consider how you might analyze this collector/distributor roadway using the methodologies presented in the HCM 2000. When you are ready, click continue to proceed.

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