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ID# C402A01

Sub-problem 2a: What types of analysis should be conducted on the I-87/Alternate Route 7 interchange?

Step 1. Setup

We first need to determine the types of analysis that we will conduct on the I-87/Alternate Route 7 interchange. We know from the HCM 2000 that there are four facility types: a basic freeway segment, a ramp junction, a weaving section, and a freeway facility (in which the three previous types are integrated together into a facility). One of the common challenges in a traffic analysis is to match the geometry found in a real problem with the four facility types described in the HCM. It is useful as we start this problem to determine which types of facilities are present in this interchange as we have defined it.

Exhibit 4-19 shows the interchange, both with a base map showing the named roadway segments and a schematic showing how the road segments intersect. Each of the schematic links is on the mainline of the freeway, a connector roadway, or a ramp. Study the map to better familiarize yourself with the components of the interchange.

Consider the information presented in the figure above showing the various elements of the I-87/State Road 7 interchange. If necessary, go back to the previous pages and study the Exhibits presented on these pages. After reviewing this information, list the segments that you think should be analyzed and identify what facility types they represent. When you are ready, proceed to the next page.

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