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ID# C402C01

Sub-problem 2c: What is the Level of Service at the Ramp Junction at the Northbound On-Ramp to I-87?

Step 1. Setup

In this problem, we will consider the merge point between I-87 northbound and the ramp from westbound Alternate Route 7. The ramp itself is complex since it also has a merge point with the intersection of the on-ramp from U.S. 9. You can learn more about the ramp by clicking on the Exhibit caption.

As we begin this sub-problem, let's consider several issues that relate to the analysis of a freeway ramp junction:

Should we consider only the vicinity of the junction itself, or are there other areas that we should consider as well?


What input data are needed to conduct this analysis?


What is the primary measure of effectiveness for a merge point analysis?


What parameters are forecasted by the merge point analysis models in the HCM?

bulletWhat are some of the limitations of the merge point analysis model that we must keep in mind when applying it to this sub-problem?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions. When you are ready, continue to the next page.

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