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Getting Started

There are several stakeholder perspectives involved in the analysis and decisions affecting Museum Road, including:


University of Florida administration must make critical decisions with regard to any mitigating work to be done as a result of the new parking structure. They have to weigh this situation with a multitude of others from budget and resource perspectives to establish this among their priorities and constraints.


Pedestrian-bicycle advocates have already succeeded in getting other campus streets closed to vehicular traffic. This group will continue to raise the awareness of the pedestrian and bicyclist to ensure they are considered when making plans and decisions that focus on vehicular efficiency, as well as keeping safety in the forefront of these deliberations.


Public transit interests in the community are very strong and extend into the bus activity within the campus. Ridership among students and university employees (who ride free) is very high, with many depending on this mode to get them to and from class and work.


Students and employees as motorists need mobility and access to campus facilities and parking. Although parking is very limited on campus, what is in place is virtually always at capacity, requiring a roadway network to accommodate this (mostly employee) traffic affecting Museum Road.


Campus police have continuing concerns about enforcement of pedestrian rights and obligations, which include uncontrolled pedestrian activity between intersections, outside of crosswalks, and even against pedestrian control.

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