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Getting Started

Performance Measures
The Highway Capacity Manual provides several performance measures for intersections, both signalized and unsignalized. For both types of intersections, the primary measure of effectiveness is control delay. Control delay is directly related to level of service (LOS), a range of levels that categorize performance from the point of view of the driver, or the user of the highway system. Level of service (along with v/c ratio, queue length, and other performance measures) will be used to help determine if the intersection of Museum Road and Reitz Union Drive should be changed from stop sign control to signal control.

We must complete several computations to gather the required information on the performance of Museum Road under both stop sign and signal control. For convenience, we've divided the analyses into two problems. We will consider each problem separately. We will also see that each problem consists of several separate computations, using the HCM or other tools, such as macroscopic and microscopic simulation programs.

The following set of case study problems will be analyzed:

Problem 1:

This problem will review the results of the existing and projected operations analysis for the Reitz Union Drive intersection to determine possible mitigation alternatives, including investigating pedestrian effects, alternate pedestrian crossings, installing a signal, closing an approach, and analyzing turn lane treatments.

Problem 2:

This problem will review the results of projected operations analysis for the Reitz Union Drive intersection under signal control to analyze alternative treatments, including phasing and timing, double cycles, an exclusive pedestrian phase, and the effects of actuated versus coordinated timing.

Problem 3: This problem will explore the extent that a local jurisdiction's operational  requirements have on the actual performance of an intersection. In this instance, we will explore the effect of various signal timing parameters on volume to capacity ratio and how this relates to signal timing within the signal controller.

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