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ID# C502002

Problem 2: Reitz Union Drive Intersection Improvement Strategies

Next, we will consider an option to improve the phasing at this intersection by investigating its operation with existing phasing to identify:


deficiencies in capacity and delay by movement


phasing modifications to alleviate these movement deficiencies

Finally, we can investigate semi-actuated control for potential coordination with adjacent signals and what effect it has on the overall operation in sub-problem 2c by looking at:


unit extension and k-value versus arrival type and progression factor


double cycle option to compare overall delay and level of service

We will compare the overall operation of the signalized intersection operating with and without improved phasing and timing, as well as actuated versus semi-actuated control to better recommend alternative solutions.

In Problem 2, we are looking at strategies to improve the intersection, mostly as an isolated signal with the addition of the traffic generated by the new parking structure, but we are introducing the idea of semi-actuated control for potential coordination with the adjacent intersections.

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