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How to Move Between Case Studies

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The home page of the HCMAG document serves as the primary transfer point for moving among the various case studies. At the top of the home page is a set of index tabs, each of which is associated with a particular chapter of the HCMAG. Resting the mouse over any one of these tabs will reveal a further text description of the contents of the associated chapter. A single mouse click on the tab will transfer the user to the first page of the chapter.

All the pages within each chapter have a common header at the top of the page that identifies the chapter title. In the upper left-hand corner of this header are the words “HCMAG”; a single mouse click on these words will transfer the user back to the home page of the HCMAG document.

Each page of the chapter also displays a chapter index, in column format, on the far left-hand side of the page. A single mouse click on “HCMAG Home”, which is located at the very top of this chapter index, will also transfer the user back to the home page of the HCMAG document.

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