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Ralph Bentley assisted in the artistic layout and thematic development of the HCMAG. Joe Bessman provided excellent editorial comments and assistance, and was instrumental in the translation of the document into HTML format and in the final editing process; he was also instrumental in developing the index systems that aid users in navigating through the HCMAG. Karen Giese provided technical oversight and error-checking, edited and contributed to significant sections of the document, and also assisted in the final production process. Stacy Eisenman provided original technical and writing support in large parts of Case Studies 2 and 4, including the development of several sub-problems; she was also an important contributor to the development and authoring of Case Study 1, Problem 5. Peter Koonce provided technical oversight and error checking, and also helped develop and prepare original text for several sub-problems in Case Studies 1 and 5. Eric Lindstrom was responsible for the set-up, implementation, and application of a microscopic simulation model in conjunction with Case Study 4. Thuha Nguyen conducted the initial analyses and provided background information in conjunction with Case Study 3. Mark O'Brien provided technical editing support in conjunction with the production process for the HCMAG. Sanjeev Pradhan and Tan Sarihan both provided technical computer support in the HTML production and implementation process. John Zegeer served as the Project Principal and provided strategic guidance throughout the course of the project.

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