There are many ways to classify traffic analysis problems that are appropriate for analysis with the HCM. The graphic below includes seven categories which are intended to help characterize the types of issues that you will encounter in this Case Study. These issues are highlighted in   BLUE. The numbers under the "HCM Part II", "HCM Part III, and "HCM Part IV" headings refer to the relevant chapter numbers in the HCM2000.
Analytical tools   HCM Part II   Facility type HCM Part III   HCM Part IV   Level of analysis   Problem type
HCM   10   Uninterrupted 15   28   Planning   Functional design
Macroscopic simulation 11 16 29 Design Detailed design
Microscopic simulation 12 17 30 Operational analysis Access management
Other tools 13 Interrupted 20     Intersection operations
  14 22 Arterial operations
  23 Network operations
24 Freeway operations
25 Corridor study
  18 Sub-area study
19 Areawide study