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ID# C101002

Problem 1: U.S. 95/Styner-Lauder Avenue Intersection

In this problem, you will consider the following issues as you work through the computations for three sub-problems:

Sub-problem 1a: Analysis of the existing TWSC intersection
Basic TWSC intersection methodology
Peak hour factor
Data requirements for TWSC intersection analysis
Critical gap
Follow-up time
Performance measures for TWSC intersection analysis

Sub-problem 1b: Analysis of the proposed signalized intersection
Basic signalized intersection methodology
Data requirements for signalized intersections
Default values for signalized intersections
Saturation flow rate assumptions
Right turn on red
Lost time
Lane widths
Signal timing issues

Sub-problem 1c: Analysis of future conditions
Appropriate assumptions for future analysis
Forecasting future volumes
Uncertainty analysis
Appropriate level of detail
Accuracy vs. precision
Comparing control types

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