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ID# C102B01

Sub-problem 2b: Analysis of the Signalized Intersection Considering the Effects of Adjacent Intersections

Step 1. Setup

We will now look at the operation of U.S. 95/Styner-Lauder Avenue as a signalized intersection and consider the effects of the adjacent signalized intersection at Sweet Avenue. Sweet Avenue is located 1,070 feet to the north of Styner-Lauder Avenue and is the main southern entrance to the University of Idaho for university students, staff, and faculty. Vehicles traveling south on U.S. 95 from Sweet Avenue often arrive in platoons during the peak period. While we didn't see an effect of platooning on the operation of Styner-Lauder Avenue as a two-way, stop-controlled intersection, there may be an effect if the operation is controlled by a traffic signal.  What is the nature of this effect?

Take a few minutes to consider how the traffic signal at Sweet Avenue might affect the operation of Styner-Lauder Avenue, if the latter intersection were to be signalized.

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