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ID# C102B02

Sub-problem 2b: Analysis of the Signalized Intersection Considering the Effects of Adjacent Intersections

The major effect that the traffic signal at Sweet Avenue has on the adjacent intersection at Styner-Lauder Avenue, if the latter intersection were to be signalized, is related to the pattern of vehicle arrivals. If the two signals are interconnected, with a fixed offset, the arrival pattern would be nearly the same during each cycle. The key issue is whether the platoons from Sweet Avenue arrive primarily during the green phase or primarily during the red phase, of if they arrive randomly during the cycle.

Preliminary studies indicate the offset of the north-south green phase on U.S. 95 at Styner-Lauder Avenue is 20 seconds. This would result in favorable progression for the southbound traffic, or arrival type 4. All other factors that we considered in sub-problem 1b would remain the same for this analysis.

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