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ID# C304002

Problem 4: Okeechobee Road Stop-Controlled Analysis

Stop-controlled intersection analyses will be treated in four separate sub-problems:

Sub-problem 4a will examine the capacity of the critical minor street movement (the northbound left turn), using the graphical solution presented in the HCM, without going through the full procedure.
Sub-problem 4b will invoke the full HCM procedure, treating the operation as a conventional stop-controlled intersection and ignoring the unusual separation between the conflict points.
Sub-problem 4c will separate the conflict points for stop-control and treat each conflict point individually.
Sub-problem 4d will consider the question of how best to analyze the capacity of the northbound right turn, which is well removed from the intersection operation by channelization.

Questions to consider as you proceed through this problem:


How do you think the analysis methods compare to the actual performance of the intersections?


Do you feel that this should be modeled as a single intersection?

bulletHow does the merge play a role in the intersection capacity?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions. When you are ready to continue, click continue below to proceed.

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