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ID# C2050A1

Problem 5: Interstate 87 Interchange 

Analysis Plans
Many HCM analysis issues can be illustrated with this interchange. We will also show how to apply the HCM procedures to study several of the locations in different ways to give you a sense of how the interchange is going to operate.

Unlike the previous problems, we will look at the performance of specific locations in the interchange across multiple conditions. For example, we will look at the southbound merge at the end of the southbound on-ramp and see how its performance varies between the existing, without, and with conditions. In all, we will look at nine locations: the six merge/diverge points on the freeway, the weaving section on the arterial between the loop ramps, and two junctions (the end of the southbound-to-westbound off-ramp and the left turn into the southbound on-ramp). We will look at the merge and diverge locations, the weaving section on Route 146, and the three junctions.

Analyses in this problem:

Southbound-to-Westbound Off-Ramp

Southbound-to-Eastbound Off-Ramp

Southbound On-Ramp

Northbound Off-Ramp

Eastbound-to-Northbound On-Ramp

Westbound-to-Northbound On-Ramp

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