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Before doing the analyses, we should familiarize ourselves with how Alternate Route 7 fits into the local freeway network. As Exhibit 4-2 shows, Alternate Route 7 runs east-west, between I-87 and I-787. (Technically I-787 is NY-787 north of the NY-7 interchange.) It is part of a grid-like freeway network that ties together the major cities in the Albany area. People who commute to Albany from the north enter the freeway grid on I-87 (at the top of the figure), travel Alternate Route 7 to I-787 then south to Albany. People who commute to Troy from the west enter the freeway network on I-90 (at left in the figure), travel up I-87 to Alternate Route 7 then to Troy. People from the south enter the freeway network on I-87 (at the bottom of the exhibit). If they’re going to I-87 north and know the network, they travel up I-787 to Alternate Route 7 then back to I-87.

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