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Sketch overview of Moscow highway system

The intersection of U.S. 95 with Styner Avenue-Lauder Avenue is currently stop-controlled, and is the focus of a controversy over whether a signal ought to be installed.

To understand the context in which our analyses will be conducted, it is important to note that U.S. 95 is the primary north-south state highway in Idaho, carrying between 15,000 and 23,000 vehicles per day through the city of Moscow, a community of 21,000 persons located in north Idaho. The city is home to the University of Idaho, the state's land grant university with a student population of nearly 11,000.

Traffic on this section of U.S. 95 has been increasing at the rate of nearly two percent per year over the past decade. As it enters the city from the south, U.S. 95 transitions from a two-lane highway to an urban arterial with both signal and stop-sign control. Much of the land use to the south is farming, with some industrial, commercial, and residential development encroaching into these less developed sections of the area.

The area to the east of U.S. 95 in the southern part of the city is primarily residential, particularly along Styner Avenue and Palouse River Drive. Click the link to Exhibit 1-1 on the left to see this section of the city's highway system.

In the southern part of the city, U.S. 95 transitions from a two-lane highway to a four-lane arterial. Two of the intersections (State Highway 8 and Sweet Avenue) are controlled by traffic signals while three of the intersections (Taylor Avenue, Styner Avenue, and Palouse River Drive) are controlled by stop signs. There are also a number of driveway access points along the arterial. Click on Exhibit 1-2 to see an overview sketch of the U.S. 95 corridor and Exhibit 1-3 to see an aerial view of U.S. 95.

The intersections of U.S. 95/State Highway 8 (see Exhibit 1-4) and U.S. 95/Sweet Avenue (see Exhibit 1-5) are signal controlled, operating fully-actuated, with no coordination between them. The three unsignalized intersections are located at Taylor Avenue/U.S. 95, Styner-Lauder Avenue/U.S. 95 (see Exhibit 1-6) and Palouse River Drive/U.S. 95.

Click the links to the left to view aerial photographs of these intersections.

Exhibit 1-1. Sketch of City of Moscow's highway system

Sketch overview of US 95 corridor

Aerial photograph of US 95 corridor

Exhibit 1-2. Sketch overview of U.S. 95 corridor Exhibit 1-3. Aerial photograph of U.S. 95 corridor

Aerial photograph of US 95/State Highway 8

Exhibit 1-4. U.S. 95/SH8

Aerial photograph of US 95/Sweet Avenue

Aerial photograph of US 95/Styner Avenue/Lauder Avenue

Exhibit 1-5.
U.S. 95/
Sweet Avenue
Exhibit 1-6. U.S. 95/
Styner Avenue/
Lauder Avenue

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