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Problem 3: Shenendehowa Campus

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On the western edge of the network is the entrance to the Shenendehowa (Shen) Campus (Intersection A). It is a signalized, fully-actuated intersection. It has two lanes eastbound (left-through and exclusive right), two lanes westbound (left and through-right), two lanes northbound (left and through-right), and one lane southbound (left-through-right).

Exhibit 2-26. Shenendehowa Campus AM peak hour turning movements

Large volumes exist on the eastbound, westbound, and northbound approaches. Exhibit 2-26 shows typical volumes for the AM peak hour. Traffic enteLevel of Servicend leaving the Shenendehowa campus uses the westbound left and eastbound right. Those flows are highly peaked. The volumes to and from the north are extremely small because a church is the only building generating traffic on that approach. On a typical weekday during the peak hours, there isn’t much traffic going into or out of the church.

Analysis Plans

We’re going to use this intersection to examine three issues: peak hour factor, heavy vehicles, and impact dilution. We’ll examine the first two issues in the context of the AM and PM peaks (AM Existing & PM Existing), while we’ll use the PM With condition for the third.

Sub-problem 3a: AM & PM Peak Hour - Existing Conditions

Sub-problem 3b: PM Peak Hour - With Conditions


Are there any large school facilities in your jurisdiction? If so, how do you analyze their performance? Do you need to consider special times of the day to understand the facility's performance? If so, what extra data do you need to collect?

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