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Problem 1: Maxwell Drive

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The intersection of Maxwell Drive with Route 146 (Intersection C) is signalized and fully actuated. About 2,000 feet to the east is the intersection of Clifton Country Road and Route 146 (Intersection D), 4,000 feet to the west is the intersection of Moe Road and Route 146 (Intersection B), and 300 feet to the north is the Intersection of Park Avenue and Maxwell Drive. All three of these upstream intersections are signalized and fully actuated.

Exhibit 2-4. Maxwell Drive and Route 146 Configuration

As Exhibit 2-4 shows, the eastbound approach of the Maxwell Drive/Route 146 intersection is three lanes wide (left, and a double through) while the westbound approach is two lanes wide (through and through/right). The eastbound left-turn bay is approximately 100 feet, while the southbound left-turn bay is approximately 125 feet. The approach for Maxwell Drive itself (the southbound approach) is three lanes wide (double left and right).

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Sub-problem 1a: PM Peak Hour - Existing Conditions

Sub-problem 1b: PM Peak Hour - With Conditions



Think about what we're about to do. Look at the aerial photograph in the introduction. Why do we think it's reasonable to suggest that this intersection is isolated? If we were doing a full-fledged traffic impact assessment, what other sub-problems might we want to examine other than the four listed above? 

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