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What is Instructional Aid?

Instructional Aid is PowerPoint presentations that were created to assist in bringing the HCMAG to the classroom environment. The following downloads are freely available and may easily be edited and customized to fit your individual needs. For more information, please read the introductory letter.

How do I download the Instructional Aid files?

Right click on the zipped PowerPoint files below and select "Save Target As..." You may then browse to a location on your hard drive, a CD, or other data storage device and select "save." If you experience any difficulty with these files, please contact us for technical assistance.


Download all Instructional Aid files (16.3mb zipped)

Case Study 1

Problem 1 (1.1mb) -- Evaluating alternative types of intersection control

Problem 2 (0.7mb) -- Evaluating the effects of a new signal on an arterial

Problem 3 (1.0mb) -- Evaluating an oversaturated intersection

Problem 4 (0.9mb) -- Comparing actuated vs. pretimed signal control

Problem 5 (0.5mb) -- Evaluating a two-lane highway in a hamlet

Case Study 2

Problem 1 (0.5mb) -- Evaluating a signalized intersection

Problem 2 (0.7mb) -- Evaluating pedestrian and lane utilization effects

Problem 3 (0.4mb) -- Evaluating PHF and heavy vehicle effects

Problem 4 (0.5mb) -- Evaluating signal timing and geometric changes

Problem 5 (0.5mb) -- Evaluating intersections at an arterial/freeway interchange

Problem 6 (0.2mb) -- Evaluating an arterial signal system

Case Study 3

Problem 1 (3.0mb) -- Determining highway facility type

Problem 4 (1.2mb) -- Analyzing a stop-controlled intersection

Case Study 4

Problem 1 (1.1mb) -- Conducting a basic freeway analysis

Problem 2 (1.7mb) -- Evaluating merge, diverge, and weaving areas

Problem 3 (2.7mb) -- Evaluating ramps, weaving sections, and C-D roads

Problem 4 (1.9mb) -- Conducting a freeway facility analysis

Problem 5 (0.2mb) -- Applying simulation to a freeway system

Case Study 5

Problem 1 (3.3mb) -- Considering bicycle and pedestrian effects

Problem 2 (1.0mb) -- Evaluating the effects of actuation and coordination

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