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How to Download Problem Datasets

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The datasets that form the basis for each of the HCM analyses are available for download so that the user can explore them in greater detail using a variety of different software packages. Each dataset has been translated into XML format, which can be imported directly into many different software packages. Hyperlinks to these datasets can be found at two different locations:


within the heading of each output table summarizing the results of an HCM analysis; or

bullet in a listing of all the data sets applied in the case study. This listing can be found by clicking on the word “Datasets”, which is located near the bottom of the side-bar chapter table of contents on the far left-hand side of each page within the chapter. The listing includes a brief identifying description for each of the datasets.

Right-clicking on the hyperlink to the appropriate data set will allow the user to download the dataset file in XML format, and to save the file locally. The text strings that make up the XML format can then be imported directly into a variety of software packages implementing the HCM methodologies.

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