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How to Print a Hardcopy Version of a Case Study

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Although the HCMAG has been designed and written primarily for use in an electronic environment, it is also possible to create a hardcopy version of each case study. To do so, the user must enter into the particular case study and the particular chapter section for which a hardcopy is required. A printer icon will be located in the upper left-hand area of the page, and associated with the printer icon will be some text identifying the particular chapter sections that can be converted into a printable form. Clicking on this icon or the associated text will cause a printable version of the chapter section(s) to be printed, and the user will be asked to identify the appropriate printer to which the print file should be directed.

It is important to note that each icon is associated with only one or a few of the chapter sections associated with the case study. If it is desired to generate a hardcopy version of the entire case study, then the user must repeat this process for each chapter section for which there is a separate printer icon. The individual printouts that results from this process can then be combined into a single complete document.

Naturally, the printed version of each case study or chapter section will not be able to display many of the dynamic elements that are an inherent part of the electronic version. Thus, information that is available through pop-up windows or multimedia elements will not be viewable in the printed version.

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