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How to Navigate
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How to Navigate the HCMAG

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The HCMAG has been designed so that it can be used most effectively as an electronic document. Because it uses HTML format, the HCMAG should be viewed and navigated with a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. Moving forward or backward through the document can be accomplished by clicking on the  [Continue] or [Back] hyperlinks located near the upper left-hand and bottom right-hand corner of every page. The forward () and back () arrows on the menu bar of the web browser can be used to retrace the users previous steps through the document.

In addition to the viewing and navigation tools normally available on the web browser itself, the HCMAG also incorporates some other navigational aids that are intended to assist the user in quickly identifying and accessing information that is relevant to his/her specific needs. The remainder of this section introduces and describes these additional navigational aids in greater detail.

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