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ID# C2060A1

Problem 6: Route 146 Arterial Study

Analysis Plans
During our analysis, we will focus on the PM peak. We’ve studied that timeframe at each of the intersections within the case study. Moreover, we’ll focus on the PM With condition since it has the most traffic. The intersecting counts and signal timings we’ve obtained will be used as basic inputs to create a TRANSYT7-F (Version 9.5) simulation dataset. We’re using TRANSYT7-F because, for signalized networks, it is an analysis tool that is in common use today. However, it should be emphasized that TRANSYT7-F is being used in this case study for illustrative purposes only, and other programs are available that would serve our purposes equally well.

We will exercise TRANSYT7-F in simulation mode to see how it thinks the network is performing. Finally, the analysis software will optimize the performance of the network as a coordinated system to see the optimal signal timings should be.

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