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Problem 1: Rietz Union Drive Intersection

Next, we will consider whether signal control offers a viable solution to the future conditions by analyzing the intersection controlled by a traffic signal in Sub-problem 1b to:


Analyze actuated control of the existing four-leg intersection.


Compare the actuated signal with the TWSC scenario.

In Sub-problem 1c, we will consider the effects of pedestrians and bicycles on the signalized intersection, then look at geometric improvements to mitigate any negative effects. So, we will analyze:


Actuated signal control with and without pedestrians and bicycles.


Actuated signal control of a T-intersection with additional turn lanes.

We can then compare the overall operation of the TWSC versus the signalized intersection to better understand and recommend which implementation offers the better solution.

Our goal in Problem 1 is to investigate a variety of possible small-scale solutions to help alleviate the congestion created by the traffic generated by the new parking structure. Subsequent problems will look at the other alternatives for this intersection (in Problem 2).

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