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Problem 1: Rietz Union Drive Intersection

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We can start to study the corridor by looking at each intersection and analyzing the current and planned conditions as a way of developing alternatives to mitigate any deficiencies, initially at the intersection level. To begin, we will first analyze existing operations, then proceed to add improvements to quantify their effects to help select the best set for implementation.

Using the existing traffic levels and geometric conditions, we can compute the delays and level of service at this intersection, currently unsignalized, operating under two-way stop-control (TWSC). As we work through these computations, we will be able to learn about several aspects of a TWSC intersection in Sub-problem 1a, including the effects of pedestrians blocking the minor approaches.

We will compare the results from the analysis of existing conditions with those using projected traffic volumes generated from the new parking structure. We will then investigate some alternatives using information about the queuing lengths of different movements, as well as delays and LOS for movements and approaches.

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