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Problem 2: Reitz Union Drive Intersection Improvement Strategies

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Continuing our analysis of the Reitz Union Drive intersection, we will now look at some additional options under signal control. We can first analyze operations of the improved intersection with no northbound approach and two exclusive right-turn lanes southbound, using an actuated, two-phase signal with a 120-second cycle. Then, we can investigate improvements to this design to quantify their effects as input to choosing alternatives to potentially minimize congestion.

Continuing to use future traffic projections and the improved geometric conditions suggested in Sub-Problem 1c, we can compute the delays and level of service at this signalized intersection, assuming that it is operating under fully-actuated control. As we work through these computations, we will be able to investigate several aspects of an actuated signal.

We can first look at some options to test phasing alternatives to accommodate pedestrians. Such analyses will allow us to quantify the effects of these signal modifications toward resolving these issues using:


minimum green times to accommodate pedestrians


effects of introducing an exclusive pedestrian phase

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