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The HCMAG includes some discussion of basic concepts and terminology (for example, signal phase sequencing nomenclature), but presumes the user is already familiar with these concepts and has access to generally-used resource documents like the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Policy on Geometric Design. It also presumes the user has access to the HCM, and therefore does not repeat the step-wise application technique for each analysis methodology that is already described in the HCM.

This Guidebook is intended to be a supplemental resource document to the HCM that can be used in a variety of ways:


It can provide guidance on how to approach, execute, and interpret the results of a facility-specific analysis that the user might need to undertake.


It can offer insights into specific areas of the analysis where special care should be taken to ensure that the analysis results reasonably and appropriately address the issues of concern.


It can identify and characterize the interactions that one facility type can have on other adjacent or nearby facility types.

bulletIt can provide example data sets and prototypical analysis procedures that can be used as templates for addressing other similar real-world problems that the user might encounter.

As a companion tool to the HCM, commercial software is available to perform the numerical calculations for the analysis procedures. All of the HCM computational results presented in the HCMAG were produced and independently verified by at least two widely distributed software products that purport to implement the HCM procedures faithfully. In all cases where HCM procedures were applied, the analysis results are presented in a software-independent format, reflective of the fact that the HCMAG does not and cannot judge the fidelity of any software package.

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