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ID# C302001

Problem 2: Planning Methodology or Service Volume Table Application

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The HCM conceptual chapters (Chapter 10 for arterials and Chapter 12 for highways) provide tables of service volumes that were developed from the full computational procedures using default values for the operating parameters. In this problem, we will apply the tables to determine a rough estimate of the LOS for the three facilities defined by the north, middle, and south sections of Krome Avenue, respectively. As an additional exercise, we will project the volumes using assumed growth rates to determine the year in which the volumes will cross the higher LOS thresholds.

Before beginning this problem it is important to realize that the tables we will be using derive from a number of specific assumptions. The tables were originally intended to serve as examples only, and so they are unlikely to give accurate results if real-world conditions vary significantly from the assumptions that are an inherent part of those tables. This problem offers an opportunity to demonstrate how the tables can be used in situations where actual conditions approximate the underlying assumptions.

The following sub-problems are included in Problem 2. Each sub-problem deals with a separate section of Krome Avenue.

Sub-problem 2a. North Section (Class I Two-lane Highway)

Sub-problem 2b. Center Section (Class I or II Two-lane Highway)

Sub-problem 2c. South Section (Class I Signalized Arterial)

Each of these sub-problems will be discussed separately.

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