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Problem 6: Other Intersection Configurations for Okeechobee Road

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The previous two problems in this case study assumed that the intersection of Krome Avenue and Okeechobee Road would retain the form of a conventional at-grade intersection. This final problem examines two alternative intersection configurations:

Sub-problem 6a: Here we will consider the feasibility of conversion to a roundabout, using the analysis procedures suggested in HCM Chapter 17.
Sub-problem 6b: Here we will examine the effects of removing the high volume conflict points by the installation of a grade-separated flyover.

This problem differs from the previous five problems in the sense that the alternative configurations were not actually included in the study performed for the operating agency. The operating agency was able to rule out any interest in either of the alternative configurations based on criteria other than capacity considerations. So, Problem 6 is more or less hypothetical in nature. It is included in this case study to illustrate how the HCM procedures might be applied if there were an interest in constructing either a roundabout or a flyover at this location.

Consider the scenarios that will be analyzed in this problem. Take a few minutes to consider constraints that may have excluded these alternatives from further analysis by the operating agency. When you are ready to continue, click the link below to proceed.

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