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Problem 3: Application of HCM Chapters to Arterial and Highway Segments

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The HCM procedural chapters (Chapter 15 for arterials and Chapter 20 for two-lane highways) provide a detailed computational methodology for estimating the level of service on these two types of facilities. In this problem, we will apply those procedures to compute the performance measures that determine the LOS for thefacilities defined by the three sections. We will also compare the results with those of the planning level analyses performed in Problem 2.

The following sub-problems are included in Problem 3.  Each sub-problem deals with a separate section of Krome Avenue.

Sub-problem 3a. North Section (Class I Two-lane Highway facility)
Sub-problem 3b. Center Section (Class I or II Two-lane Highway facility)
Sub-problem 3c. South Section (Class I Signalized Arterial facility)

Each of these sub-problems will be discussed separately.

Before we begin to compute the operational parameters of the various facilities along Krome Avenue, consider the following key issues:


What (if any) potential issues were identified during the planning level analysis that may require mitigation?


What benefit was derived through the planning level analysis in this case study?

Take a few minutes to consider these questions. When you are ready to continue, click continue below to proceed.

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