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This case study investigates a situation at the University of Florida regarding the impacts of a new parking structure on Museum Road in Gainesville, Florida. The increased traffic to and from the new structure would access this facility via a two-way stop-controlled intersection, but alternatives are being analyzed to determine the best solution for this and adjacent intersections along Museum Road. Pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-related activities are high within this section of Museum Road, and so the solution must be sensitive to and consider all travel modes.

The case study includes three problems, each intended to describe one or more aspects of the deliberations toward a workable solution. Where appropriate, Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) analysis procedures are used to illustrate how these applications can be tools to quantify and compare the performance of various alternative treatments to this roadway.

The problems in this case study utilize the HCM analysis procedures for both signalized and unsignalized intersections. After studying this material, you should be able to:


Analyze the operation of signalized and unsignalized intersections in a multimodal environment using the HCM.


Understand what input data are required and the assumptions that are commonly made regarding default values for the HCM procedures for these facilities.


 Understand the appropriate types of analysis (operations and planning) that should be undertaken for considering existing facilities as well as future facilities or conditions.


Understand the importance of pedestrians, transit, and bicycles in an urban streets analysis.


Understand the limitations of the HCM procedures and when it is appropriate to use other models or computational tools.


Know how to reasonably interpret the results from an HCM analysis and how these results can be used to support a particular decision regarding a change to a transportation system.

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